Volume Nine

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Release: December, 2012

Pages: 114

Contributors: Heather Mcgrath, Justin Keena (cover photo), Nikita Piautsou-Rehfeldt, Brian Morgan, Janet Pearch, Dave Chiu, Jeremy Jo, Joshua Garlich, Zahariz Khuzaimah, Nathaniel Ward, Kevin Wolfson, Gregory Ralich, Mukunda Feldman, Bert Tosh, Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation, e r t z u i ° film, Alessandra Mondolfi, Phil Gale, Ryan Parks, Tyler Evans, Natalia Boltukhova.

Embrocation Cycling Journal is, and has always been, a handmade magazine. It is the printed extension of our passion for bicycles, the cycling community, and those who have pledged their lives to the same mindset we share. Each volume is no less forged from hand than your favorite lugged steel frame, and no less extensively tested, refined, cried for, bled on, agonized over.


Volume Eight

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Release: July, 2012

Pages: 108

Contributors: Heather Mcgrath (cover photo), Ricardo Gomez-Perez, James Morrison, Craig Gaulzetti, e r t z u i ° film, Neil Bezdek, John Watson, Gustavo Cinci, Nick Mashburn, Steve Dennis, Alessandra Mondolfi, Steve Malone, Phil Gale, Nathaniel Ward, Jeremy Jo, Josh Garlich, Tyler Evans, Mike Ramponi, Max Lee, Scott Fraumeni, Lauren Trout, Amos Worth, Shontell Gauthier, Stephen Pierce, Colin Murphy, Evan Cooper, Jackson Weber, Peter Bowring, Carolina Fontoura Alzaga Alan J. Crossley, Carlos Montoya, Susan Margot Ecker, Jeff Williams, Anton Koovit, Natalia Boltukhova

With a more art-forward stand-point, we delve behind the scenes and explore the hidden side of a wide swath of cycling related culture - from the Director Sportif, to the bike messenger, to the professional mechanic to the lone artist, working in solitude. We cover all aspects of the hidden, and not-so-hidden, side of cycling.


Volume Seven

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Release: April, 2012

Pages: 110

Contributors: Tyler Evans, Danny Goodwin, Alessandra Mondolfi, Lily Richeson, Neil Bezdek, Andrea Schiliro, Roberto Bazza, Justin Lindine, Jeremy Jo, Josh Garlich, James McCabe, Bri Paxton, Jacob Brimlow, Nathaniel Ward, Philip Gale, James Morrison, Joy Stark, Ben Koons, e r t z u i film

This time out the magazine has a distinctly race-influenced focus, with a first-hand account from the winner of last year's Red Hook Crit Milano; a genuinely moving portrait gallery from last summer's Eneco Tour in Belgium; a deeply personal reflection on the journey to becoming a top national rider; and a gorgeous, step-by-step tour of the FMB tubular workshop in France. Volume 7 invites our readers to bask in the glory of cycle sport from a few different perspectives, and offers gritty, up-close-and-personal images of racing and riding, sure to inspire.


Volume Six

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Release: October, 2010

Pages: 110

Contributors: Daniel Sharp, Chris Milliman, Brian Palmer, Mark Vettori, Kyle von Hoetzendorff, Peter Rubijono, Meighan O'Toole, Clarence Smith, Jr., Marthein Smit, Tom Southam, Kyle Von Hoetzendorff, Benji Wagner, Tori Bortman, Richard Sachs, James Morrison

On this issue we explore the sum of all parts that propel us forward, commentating on a very personal level the wonderful outcomes that happen when you mix bicycles, passion, and art. We get a very close, first hand experience at the core of the Belgian classics, a heartfelt account from the Tour of the Battenkill, a seemingly irresponsible write-up on American-style crit racing, a personal take on the sport at the highest level and much more. Intimate, biased, slanted, partisan, tendentious, so what? We get so close we touch handlebars, we smell the sport’s breath, marvel at its sparkling paint job and laugh at each others’ silliness. It’s the trip, the ride, the hurt, the heartbreak that level all riders, all readers, all over. On Volume 6, we’d like to welcome you to the inner sanctum of our relationship. Enjoy, and embrocate regularly.


Volume Five

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Release: February, 2010

Pages: 104

Contributors: Daniel Sharp, Chris Milliman, Kyle von Hoetzendorff, Ryan Vergeront, Fat Marc Vanderbacon Joe W. Hall, Gavin Campbell, Dave Christenson, Matthew Karre, Carey Schleicher-Haselhorst, Mary Arida, Mike Spriggs, Ethan Benton, Tori Bortman, Carrie Collier Joanna Ruocco, Matthew Card, Tony Pereira, Ira Ryan, Radio Freddy, Matt Roy, Joe Marchionno, Julia Oh, Jordan Clark Haggard, Dina Varsalone, Peter Rubijuno, Steve Francisco

As most of our readers may have noticed, we don’t play favorites with any particular type of riding at Embrocation. Rather than limit ourselves to a thematic rigidity, we decided to focus on the job at hand. In this issue you’ll find a diversity of subjects; going from the skilled eyes of Chris Milliman’s Lars Boom piece, to the wacky SSCXWC interview, to the intricate, polished work of hand-built bicycles and trinkets, you’ll notice the single strongest component that chains it all together: passion.


Volume Four

Release: September, 2009

Pages: 106

Contributors: JDK Design, Chris Milliman, Kaiko Shimura, Beloved Bicycles, Craig Roth, Whit Yost, Mike Spriggs, Carey Schleicher-Haselhorst, Cole Maness, Rapha Continental, Garrett Chow, Mash SF, Velodramatic, Guy Andrews, Taz Darling, BKW

Volume 4 features an in-depth look at the Tour of California from 3 unique perspectives, profiles of some of our favorite products and goodies and unique profiles of some of the cycling industry’s most iconic characters.

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Volume Three

Release: March, 2009

Pages: 102

Contributors: Chris Milliman, Joseph Songco, Joshua Gunn, Jill Gatlin, Peter Rubijono, PDX Cross, Bill Strickland, Brian Palmer, Natialia Hernandez Gardiol, Aimee Wickman, Matt Kraus, Laura Jacobs, Velodramatic, Natasha McKitterick, Pierre Vanden Borre, Jackson Weber, Richard Sachs, Slate Olsen, James Selman, Shannon Holt, David Chiu, David Wilcox

A return to our cyclocross roots, Volume 3 is the largest, most professional and fastest-selling Embrocation yet. A more comprehensive focus on man and machine gives Volume 3 a unique look and feel that sets the stage for all forthcoming issues. And food, don’t forget the food…


Volume Two

Release: October, 2008

Pages: 98

Contributors: Brian Palmer, Niels Hoolgernshoten, Molly Cameron, Taliah Lempert, Jedd Austin, Jackson Weber, Peter Rubijuno, Tess Mattern, J. Park, Craig Roth, Carla Richmond, Chris Milliman, Daniel Wakefield Pasley, Whit Yost, Jennifer Park, Dan Sharp, Brian Palmer, Chris McKenny, Radio Freddy

With Volume 2, we stepped up our game and turned our attention to the road and the transition from summer to early fall with articles about grand tours, regional races and local celebrities.


Volume One

Release: January, 2008

Pages: 70

Contributors: Dan Langois, Pierre Vanden Borre, Jackson Weber, Hannah Kirshner, Jeremy Dunn, Sam Smith, Richard Sachs, Adam Myerson, Molly Cameron, Jen Zinc, Peter Rubijono, Jason Sears

Our first issue is an ode to our first true passion: cyclocross in New England and the Pacific Northwest. We pay homage to the personalities, equipment and companies that help formulate the fall season we look forward to every year.


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