About Embrocation Cycling Journal

Embrocation. From the Oxford English Dictionary: (noun) A liquid used for bathing or moistening any diseased part; now usually restricted to applied by rubbing; a liniment.

Embrocation is the essence of cycling. One of those things that just makes your world spin. Technically, you could do without embrocation, but that’s not living. Embrocation is the jam on your toast, the honey in your tea. It’s hot infusing carrier oils with capsicum at 2:00 in the morning. It’s pure, it’s life, it’s just plain good. Embrocation used to be just for race day, but lately has found it’s way into the daily routine. Wake, shower, dress, coffee, embrocate, commute. It helps you feel cool on the hottest days and warms through to your heart when the mercury dips. Embrocation is the panacea for a ho-hum day. ~ Pete Smith, Founder of Mad Alchemy Embrocations,

Embrocation Cycling Journal is a quarterly publication dedicated to cultivating and perpetuating cycling culture in all its forms. Each journal is approximately 100 pages of photographs, essays, stories and illustrations from a wide variety of contributors. This content is presented with art-forward, stylized design in a high quality book with heavy paper stock and the finest print quality.

The first issue of Embrocation Cycling Journal was released in January, 2008. Inspired in equal parts by cyclocross racing, road riding and die-hard commuters the journal is an outlet for writers, artists and photographers to express themselves and tell their stories. With the support of riders, commuters, racers, mechanics, frame builders and the like, each issue of Embrocation is an ever-evolving cross-section of the cycling community at large.


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